Best 3 Android Emulator Program to Run Android Apps on Computer

To make sure you don’t find any issues or problem while installing and running Android apps on computer, you need to take help of software named Android emulator. When you’ll search on the web for Android emulators then you’ll find lots of options but finding best out of them is really tricky since you’re initially not aware of which one is better and pros and cons of each other. So to help you out in this situation I’m sharing down here guide covering best 3 Android emulator programs to run Android apps on computer.

Out of the many options available on the web here I’m sharing best three at your side and believe me you’re definitely going to find each of them worth. The one I’ll be sharing on top is definitely better than other two beneath so make selection accordingly.

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Features of Best Android emulator

Before directly starting with the best Android emulator list let me share the features which make this software worth and better than any other. Following are the features you should be looking before making a selection.

  1. Firstly it should be running with latest or at least second-third latest version of Android OS. This is really necessary since you need to have this latest version otherwise you may get older version.
  2. Next feature to look within is that its installation process should be simple otherwise booting Android OS on other platform is a tough process. So the emulator should offer all of its services without any issues.
  3. The user interface should be simple so that users don’t find any trouble learning how to use them and the end user experience stays always high.

Any additional feature than all these one will be a great addition and I’m sure it will be the best option we can use right now.

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Now let me start one by one with the best Android emulators available on the web.

BlueStacks App Player

No doubt, this is the best Android emulator program available over the web. It is available for free and you don’t need to pay anything to avail any of its features which is another additional feature to include. Here is the guide to Play Android Games on Computer with Bluestacks.

Its recent version runs on KitKat version of Android OS which is an additional benefit since we are using a second latest version of the most popular smartphone platform.

Its installation is simple and it even provides Google synchronization service by login with your Google account. Overall it’s a genuine software developed by a well known and registered developer company.

Andy for Android

If you have a fast PC/laptop with 4GB of RAM and graphic card with updated graphics driver then this one is another best option. In any other PC case, don’t try Andy since it won’t work because of incompatibility. Here is the working tutorial to Install Android Apps on Computer using Andyroid.

Andy for Android

It directly runs on pure Android version (Jelly Bean) and once it starts running then you’ll feel like you’re using an Android tablet directly. So everything is awesome but once it gets installed without any problems.


If you’re looking for a premium software here and love using paid software since they come with dedicated support and also a genuine one then YouWave is the one you should be trying right now.


It uses older version of Android but its user interface is very simple and it gets installed easily.

That’s it from my side. Do let me know which particular one you’re finally using to run Android apps on computer. I hope you are liking our blog –