Hire and Fire at UPSers

UPSers, one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in the country, has signed an agreement to supply 250 New York-based drivers. The workers were fired last month after protesting the firing of a worker throughout the season.

The deal was reached after negotiations between company executives and union representatives from Teamsters International Brotherhood, Local 804, on Wednesday, according to the NY Daily News.

The deal will restore the jobs of those who protested the firing of former employee Jairo Reyes in February. Reyes was fired after a discussion about the number of hours worked by managers.

As part of the comparison, workers receive a 10-day unpaid suspension. The union also pays UPS for damages caused by lost production time.

“The company received acceptable terms and admitted that the launch was not contracted,” UPS spokesman Steve Gaut told the Huffington Post. “Our desire is to return to normal operations.”

UPSers employees welcomed the news. Steven Curcio, who has worked as a UPS driver in Queens for more than 19 years, attributed the reversal to “stupid support for the local communities we serve.”

“Thank God it’s over,” said Curcio HuffPost by phone. “They were communities. They were families. They were employees, but now we can all go back to normal.”


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In the past few weeks, more than 100,000 people have registered with applicants and asked UPS to reinstate workers. One day, more than 3,000 supporters called UPS CEO Scott Scott Davis to complain about the layoffs, said Joe Dinkin, communications director for the Working Families Group, an advanced political group that mobilized support from employees.

“It shows that even in an economy where employers’ power over workers is stronger than ever when workers are united, they can still win,” Dinkin told HuffPost by email.

According to information from federal agencies, most of the approximately 400 weapons stolen from United Parcel Service’s facilities in Tennessee have been recovered by federal agencies in the Chicago region.

Authorities confiscated .22, .380, and .80 Ruger firearms after police responded to suspicious activity in a south Chicago suburb of Midlothian on Sunday afternoon. An official with the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives said in court documents Tuesday 12 hours after the weapons were removed from the Memphis UPS facility.

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ATF said the rifles that were shipped from a Ruger factory in North Carolina were picked up by two men in a U-Haul truck. ATF spokesman Michael Knight said the truck was recovered with the weapons.

Court documents indicate that authorities found the truck in the parking lot of a Midlothian store and questioned Roland Jackson, 24, and Taveyan Turnbo, 18 before they both fled.

Turnbo was arrested a few hours later and accused of having stolen firearms. Court documents indicate that he denied any involvement in the robbery at UPS facilities.

The federal government accuses Jackson of being a criminal convicted of possessing illegal weapons. ATF said it is still important on Tuesday.

The 400 stolen firearms are estimated to make it one of the largest thefts of weapons ATF has investigated, Knight said.

Turnbo informed investigators that he and Jackson had sold at least three weapons totaling $ 400, according to court records.

UPSers said it was cooperating with authorities.