McDVOICE is increasing the health rich items in its menu

According to a team member on the Reddit topic IamA McDonald’s Manager AMA! Many of the things that customers see as healthy are those that employees absolutely know are unhealthy. They say there are a lot of secret things that don’t make these seemingly healthy options so healthy after all, starting with wraps.

Bandages are generally a good option and help remove all carbohydrates from bread. But is McDonald’s involved? It’s fried chicken and it’s definitely not healthy. Vegetarian pancakes are also fried, which also undermines hope for a healthy lunch. We don’t even start with salads that are not only covered in a terrible dressing but can also have all sorts of problems. (Before digging, check that they are fresh as the staff says they are old.) The staff also says that the chicken is always pre-cooked and frozen. Meat is really the way to go.

When asked, Reddit fast-food clerk, what is the only menu item in your job that you would recommend people never eat? A McDVOICE employee simply responded with a sweet McDonald’s tea. You say that every gallon of tea contains one kilogram of sugar and can that be correct?

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Take a look at McD’s nutrition facts and you’ll see that the little one has 90 calories and 0 fats, making this outfit a healthy option. However, the same small drink also contains 21 grams of sugar. To put this in perspective, the NHS recommends that typical adults limit themselves to just 30 grams of sugar a day. You go much further when you order the large one, which contains 38 grams. While everyone can expect sweet tea to take a little sugar, no one expects it to contain almost twice as much sugar as a Coke. A small glue contains only 12 grams of sugar and 45 calories. Then listen to the employees and throw them out.

A former employee says they saw it before repairing it and would never eat it. They even described the preseason McRib as: “It doesn’t look like meat, it looks like scabies.”

Even if you suspect McDVOICE salads are life-size, fatty, and high in calories, you may think that one of the salads is an easy and healthy option for a quick lunch. According to official information (via, secondary salads are not the way to go.

Although generally dated, this sticker may not be the original. Employees say they are not a popular product, but managers who don’t want to waste them only allow employees to set a new date for themselves. At least one employee said this was part of their daily routine and that it was quite debilitating, especially given mcdvoice’s recent difficulties with its salads.